The Woman in Black- Theatre Network

Directed by: Marianne Copithorne
Lighting Design: Cory Sincennes
Costume Design: Sheena Haug
Set Design: Paul Bezaire

Photos: Lucas Boutilier
...Copithorne's production revels in all that enjoyably traditional claptrap, as does her design team: Dave Clarke's sound, Cory Sincennes's lighting and judicious lack-of-lighting, Paul Bezaire's set, Sheena Haug's costumes, indispensable and excellent all...
-Liz Nichols, Edmonton Journal

..Kudos go to designers Paul Bezaire for his terrifically eerie set, and to Cory Sincennes for great, atmospheric lighting that both hides and reveals terrifying moments for the screaming audience’s enjoyment. And scream they do. To the young lady who sat behind me — I hope your voice recovers faster than my eardrums did... 
-Marliss Weber, See Magazine

...Nevertheless, the combination of Cory Sincennes' minimalist—well, minimalist-appearing: I'm sure it took scads of work to give the audience just enough light to keep them guessing as to what was in the shadows—lighting and Dave Clarke's jarring, referential score are enough to bring the appropriate chills at the appropriate moments...
- David Berry, Vue Weekly