Surreal Soreal Theatre - Roxy Theatre


Directed by : Geogrina Beatty
Production Design: Cory Sincennes
Video Design: Paul Bezaire

...Now, with Georgina Beaty's production - and the ministrations of Cory Sincennes's stunning shafted lighting, Paul Bezaire's projections, Dave Clarke's pulsing urban sound-scape - Big Shot is more fully dimensional, more substantial, more captivating...
Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal

....Georgina Beaty's controlled but inventive production is aided immensely by Dave Clark's unobtrusive but highly effective sound design, Cory Sincennes' pin-point lighting and Paul Bezaire's spare but dazzling projections.
Colin Maclean, Edmonton Sun

With a restrained but highly effective use of video, light (Cory Sincennes) and sound effects to match, Stewart spins and weaves his narratives across the stage.
-Bob Clark, Calgary Herald

...The play is visually simple, yet dramatic. Dave Clarke’s sound design and Cory Sincennes’ lighting design weave together within the story, highlighting different perspectives on the tragedy and providing clarity to the narrative. A simple bare lightbulb on stage with Gloria emphasizes her isolation. Blue and red lighting and jazz music give the impression of a lively party scene, letting the audience forget that there is only one man on stage....The set design is extremely bare. No props are in sight. The simplicity of the set contrasts with the complexity of the storyline, allowing the audience to be drawn into its many layers....
-Jenna Shummoogum, Avenue Calgary