Crazy For You- Citadel Theatre & Theatre Calgary Co Production

Director: Dayna Tekatch
Set & Costume Design: CORY SINCENNES
Lighting Design: Gerald King

Scenic Concept Rendering

Scenic Concept Rendering

*Sterling Hayes Award for Outstanding Costume Design 2017 (Edmonton)
*Betty Mitchell Award for Outstanding Costume Design 2017 (Calgary)

“In 2,000 years, there’s only been resurrection, and it wasn’t a theatre.” Lank was dead wrong on that count. But then he wasn’t counting on designer Cory Sincennes. His inventions pay tribute to the old with the wit of the new, creates a marvellous world, with old-fashioned set pieces that turn, footlights, the front of the Zangler Follies in New York, an entire cobwebbed western vaudeville theatre with a period proscenium — and costumes with sequins and feathered headdresses for days. Sincennes’ work is consistently fun to watch, full of sight gags of its own both shameless and subtle. — the design has got rhythm too. Liz Nicols,

...Cory Sincennes’ set and costume designs were, in a word: perfection. I saw function, seamless storytelling, and big flashing lights all rolled into one. And those costumes; simply mesmerizing ...

....Set and costume designer, Cory Sincennes also brings life to the show with beautiful set pieces that include a stage-on-a-stage and classic Western, pastel-sky backdrops. Sincennes also designed over 200 costumes for the show and the glittery 1930s chorus-girl outfits along with the bucolic cowboy pieces are eye-candy for any theatre