Set and Lighting Design:  CORY SINCENNES
Costume Design: NARDA MCCAROL

 The opening moments of the Freewill Shakespeare Festival’s production of The Tempest begin with such thrilling theatrical enchantment that it elicits a burst of applause. The magician is pulling a ship to the rocks of a mysterious island as Cory Sincennes’ impressive sea blue set pitches and writhes on a revolving stage spectacularly throwing royalty and sailor alike thither and yon.  Colin Maclean, Edmonton Sun- Tempest (July 2012)

I’ve read other reviews which have highly praised the opening scene of the titular Tempest and that praise has been appropriate.  The use of the turntable and the stairs at left and right is tremendous, as is the coordinated Star Trek battle-lean of the cast.  But there is more magic on Prospero’s Island than just the opening weather tricks.  The dual-duty-doing set design by Cory Sincennes is remarkable in it’s beauty, in it’s appropriateness to both plays it serves, in it’s variability, and in its functionality. John Richardson, Behind the Hedge (July 2012)

Cory Sincennes’ blue sea-hued set comes in to its own; it seems to float in the park, an island magically set down in a green park.  Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal (July 2012)