Good Woman of Setzuan*
Studio Theatre- University of Alberta

Director: Sandra Nicholls
Production Designer: Cory Sincennes*
Musical Director/Composer: Dave Clark

*Thesis Production

...Nicholls sets her vision in the China of 2008 just after the earthquake.The province has been destroyed, junk and grunge are everywhere (in Cory Sincennes’s eye-filling, industrial-strength, atmospheric and efficient set) and the people are on the verge of starvation... -- Colin MacLean, Edmonton Sun.'s also utterly charming. On a gorgeous set (Cory Sincennes), the BFA class has a roundly good grasp on its characters... - David Berry, Vue Magazine.

...And the set design, based on the 2008 earthquake that devastated the Sichuan province in China, was as impressive as the acting. Shen Te’s tobacco shop slid onto the gritty stage as smoothly as an offered cigarette, flickering TV screens were nestled by a rusted out car, and six-foot Chinese lanterns dropped from the ceiling like bloated red fruit. And that’s not even mentioning the effects used in the rain storm scene... - Josh Marcellin , See Magazine