Little One
Theatre Network, Edmonton

Set & Costume Design: Cory Sincennes
Director: Brad Moss
Lighting Design: Scott Peters

On the production side, hats off to Cory Sincennes ... the set of Little One actually gave me the creeps before the play had even begun. Walking into the Roxy Theatre, I felt like I was walking towards a black hole. The set is made made of glass panels that separated downstage from upstage, completely absorbing all the light on stage – so much so that I couldn’t even tell what the set actually was until the play began. Sitting in my seat, waiting for the house lights to go down and the stage lights to come up, it felt like an ominous standoff between the audience and whatever was hidden behind the shiny, impenetrable… something… spanning the entire stage. Throughout the play I continued to admire the set and how it worked so perfectly for Little One, especially in the final moments of the play, when the reason for the adult Claire’s placement behind the glass suddenly makes sense., 2014