Director: Karen Hines
Set & Lighting Designer: Cory Sincennes
Music: Greg Morrison

...the production values are fantastic. The flavours in Greg Morrison’s richly textured score include horror movie, pastoral, Balinese, and bicycle chain. Cory Sincennes’s lighting transforms the theatre into an otherworldly grotto...
 -Colin Thomas, Vancouver Free Press

..Cory Sincennes’ elaborate otherworldly set complete with stalactites and Mump’s alchemy cart certainly elicits what could be perceived as an organic Ummonian habitat while Greg Morrison’s score provides the additional atmosphere...It’s everything you may want in comic theatre - except a cure for coulrophobia...
-John Jane, reviewVancouver

...Despite the fact that they live on somewhat eerie, hallucinatory planet (beautifully designed and lit by Cory Sincennes) that evokes, if anything, a kind of toxic waste daydream, there are also little landmarks of comfort here and there, spotted between an odd laboratory of concoctions, and a small altar where each clown takes turns paying his respects to the god known as Ummo...It's all staged beautifully by director Hines, who, aided by both Sincennes' wondrous set and Greg Morrison's haunting, evocative score, transforms Martha Cohen theatre into something hauntingly, peculiarly original...
-Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald