Murielle- By: Ellen Chorley
Promise Theatre Productions/Blarney Productions

Director: Wayne Paquette
Production Design: Cory Sincennes 
Design Associate : Tessa Stamp

 ...Murielle, a new and inventive wordless collaboration between Promise and Blarney Productions, imagines memory as a kind of magical translucent chamber, in one of the loveliest designs of the season  (Cory Sincennes). Images flicker across its surfaces – nearly recognizable faces that melt into shadow, leafy arbours that move, streaks of light - Shadowy characters emerge from behind the walls into the light, fade into pewter twilight, and disappear. So does Murielle’s graceful younger self, as the old Murielle watches and muses... Sincennes’ stunning lighting speaks directly to that sense we have of watching our lives coalesce as a story. - Liz Nichols, Edmonton Journal