Shadow Theatre

Director: Wayne Paquette
Production Design: Cory Sincennes
Sound Design: Jon Lachlan Stewart

...Wayne Paquette’s production is all about sinister. Cory Sincennes’ design, slats of weathered wood through which light seeps, is a cave of sorts, surrounded by dirt and abutting a wall of stone. Very striking, very eerie.... - Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal

...The set, designed by Cory Sincennes, provides a great visual representation of the characters' claustrophobic relationships: a rustic cottage complete with authentic barnwood walls and floor, a backdrop of rock and a scattering of dirt. It's as visually engrossing as it is aurally engaging; a hauntingly brilliant production that bodes very well for the rest of Shadow Theatre's 2012 season. -Mel Priestley, Vue Weekly