Citadel Theatre


Director: Leigh Rivenbark
Set and Costume Designer: Cory Sincennes
Lighting Designer: Michael Walton

...The imaginatively staged production knows exactly how to have B-flick fun with A-house resources and the best designers in the biz.... Consider the following. Very hot rockin’ band (Don Horsburgh) and great sound (Peter McBoyle) who are pearls before the swine of Richard O’Brien’s creaky pastiche pop shlock. Actual costume changes beyond the usual declension into underwear, a veritable galaxy of twinkling corsetry and fishnets and boots, and a Frank N. Furter lab that’s an multi-level, multi-layer playground of gridwork and mesh screens (by Cory Sincennes). Extravagant lighting by a master (Michael Walton). Sexy choreography (Phillip Nero) that finds a balance between “spontaneity” and expertise. Ah yes, an a star for this universe of tarnished, singing multi-sexuals.... - Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal 

...Backed by a flawless live band (Don Horsburgh)  and spectacular set (Cory Sincennes), the cast lets loose musical mayhem, breathing new life into a classic. From introspective ditties like “Over at the Frankenstein Place” to rocking ballads like “Sweet Transvestite,” the Rocky Horror soundtrack is an energetic roller coaster that keeps its audience in anticipation of what’s to come. Always exciting and unique to theatre yet true to the original...the Citadel puts Rocky Horror back on the stage with all the original momentum of the classic cult film...  Garrett Rosser, The Gateway