The Secret Garden- Theatre Calgary

Director: Stafford Arima
Set & Costume Design: CORY SINCENNES
Lighting Design: Bonnie Beecher
Choreographer: Marc Kimelman
Music Director: Don Horsbrough

...Arima’s staging is delightfully dark and twisty, and the design by Cory Sincennes is striking. Rather than the complicated, opulent set that the script suggests, they set the action against an imposing but simple wall that represents the entirety of the grim manor. Using a few iconic visual elements, the space transforms from Mary’s bedroom to a ballroom to Archie’s library to the titular garden. While some stagings of The Secret Garden have attempted to recreate the evolving splendour of the garden itself, Arima and Sincennes leave this element almost entirely to the audience’s imagination, which is of course more impressive — and more individual — than any design could achieve....Lori Montgomery,