Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike
Belfry Theatre

Director: Michael Shamata
Set and Costume: Cory Sincennes
Lighting Designer: Bryan Kenney

The Belfry’s production of V&S&M&S has many redeeming qualities, such as its absolutely breathtaking set (Cory Sincennes) and lighting (Bryan Kenney) design. The stage is a beautiful country home, tall, slender trees visible out a window to the back. Kenney’s lighting design flawlessly traces the progression of time throughout the piece, from the golden-orange of sunrise to the deep blues of early night. The set and lighting design reminded me what makes theatre such a unique and intimate experience; I was completely transported into Durang’s world, and even when the comedy reached heights where I withdrew somewhat, the realism of this physical world always pulled me back in.  - The Marble Victoria, 2015